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ONYC Beauty Testimonial:
Below are just a few of our clients’ RAVE!
Are you one of our numerous satisfied clients? If so, simply use the form below to submit your testimonial. If you wish not to upload your image, you can upload “Appreciation text image” l Thanks to all my wonderful clients for your appreciation. Special Thanks to below clients for submitting their testimonials.


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I have had my hair done by Thelma on numerous occasions and every single time I am more satisfied than the last time.

 She focuses on and prides herself in providing the utmost in service and quality to her clients. She not only provides an aesthetically appealing hair weave, but she also cares about preserving and nurturing your natural hair regardless of its state. She will not recommend services that would cause any damage to your natural hair. Additionally, she will not perform any type of service that would tarnish her integrity as a stylist, which means that you have a guarantee on her work.

Since going to Thelma in 5/2007, my hair has grown from a baby afro to the point that I can now pull it back in a ponytail. Aside from the wonderful quality and standards of her work, she also provides a professional and private work environment for her clients. She is always pleasant, professional, friendly and accommodating of her clients needs. She’s an innovator in what she does, and I’ve never had better hair weaves in my life than those I have received from Thelma. She is constantly trying to event new ways to make her clients’ look and feel their best.

 If you feel that her prices are not reasonable, I’d urge you to remember the old adage that you get what you pay for and with Thelma she is worth every dime you pay her and more. With all of that said, I would and do highly recommend Thelma for doing any type of work involving hair weaving, extensions, or even make-up. I generally always get the ONYC® Mesh Cap WeaveSm or ONYC® Invisible Closure WeaveSM and I have consistently walked away happy every single time. I could go on and on about how great Thelma is as a stylist or rather more appropriately put, a Dream Weaver! Consider yourself lucky if you have had the good fortune to have been connected to Thelma in order to get your hair done, as she is totally excellent on all accords!


I am thrilled with my hair!

 Thelma did my extensions 2 weeks ago and they still look great. She was able to braid my silky Asian hair in the tiniest braids I have ever seen and attach my hair extensions to them. The weave is so flat and well blended that no one suspects my waist length hair is not my own.

I am so grateful I discovered her, because she is not only a professional stylist but a true artist! Thanks again, Thelma...You are the BEST!


I live in Richmond, VA and after going from salon to salon to salon and not getting the desired effect, I found Thelma online.

SHE IS FABULOUS! I always love my hair when I leave. I want to keep touching it, slinging it, and playing with it in the mirror. MY HAIR IS FABULOUS! I drove to Alexandria at first to get to her, and then I realized that I could take a leisurely ride on the train, and a cheap cab ride and be there in no time. After having Thelma do my hair, I doubt I will find anyone to measure up to her. Thelma brings out the Diva in your hair! Thelma, thank you for making my hair beautiful!

 I am extremely particular about my hair - because I have had bad experiences with hair dressers in the past, have very thin hair and diva-esque desires on how my hairstyles look. I wanted a style that looked natural, was secure and importantly, doesn't damage my hair


It is all about beauty. Being you AND being unique!

It is having what only you can have. It is discovering the unseen and living the change within you. It is about confidence. Image. Difference. ONYC® can make it happen! Thelma has it all! Her art lies in discovering YOUR inner beauty, not in just making money. In taking YOUR best feature and turns it into magic so it works for YOU.

 She has a passion and reveals the most beautiful picture within that frame. Your face outlines the portrait and she moves her knowledge to completion and perfection. Her art, a living portrait of excellence. A frame that speaks a story, that lives a lifetime. It’s priceless. It does not need explanations. It is proven testimonials. It sells itself. Her work is outstanding, trusting and feeds the emptiness within you, breaks down insecurities, help you find peace with who and what you are, makes you realize what you can be and help you discover how beautiful you really is.

Please write to her and tell her what you are looking for, what you are in need of so she can help you bring out that woman you hiding within yourself, that are killed through lies, group pressure and fear- she has it all! All it takes now is YOUR decision.

Thanks Thelma- You are simply the BEST! Love you lots!!! “Thank you for making me believe in myself. Thank you for showing me what a mirror can not tell”

Written by Melissa Nieuwoudt, Beyond Satisfied Client.


Ok ladies you know how we are about our hair, especially African American women:)

Some of the idiosyncrasies we have come from how we were brought up, some of it is culturally induced, and you know how “our” men LOVE long hair, but at the same time they frown on weaves….  So what is a woman to do?  PLEASE HERSELF FIRST and let the others be damned! LOL

That’s where Thelma of ONYC® comes in.  What can I not say about Thelma?  She is a magician with her hands.  She transformed me from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan in a matter of a few hours before the debut performance of my life with my band with her signature ONYC® Invisible Closure WeaveSM - Yes ladies, that’s a full head weave!!

Women of a particular age can sometimes experience thinning hair in certain places and I had thinning in the top of my head and at my temples.  I wanted to let the perm grow out of my hair and give it a break from chemicals for a while and see just what I had under there.  Well in a matter of 3 months it has grown at least 3 inches, its much fuller and healthier.  This is a direct result of Thelma’s technique and the care that she takes with the hair under the weave. 

Her hair brand (ONYC® Hair) is a top notch, it doesn’t tangle, and you can use it over and over.  I have the Mongolian Relax perm which looks just like our hair when it’s relaxed!

 She has a wonderful spirit and puts the client at ease during the process.  She’s the BEST!!



Thelma, you have no idea what you have done for me!

I’ve always had such bad experiences with weaves (bumps and lumps and unnatural). However, that is NOT the case with your service. My hair looks so natural. I’m swinging my hair around like I was born with it! Thelma’s technique is one of a kind. Believe me ladies when I say she is AWESOME. When she finished my look and spun me around in the chair, I cried. I felt beautiful.

 ILL be coming back definitely. Please, please, please put your faith and hair in Tthose wonderful hands of Thelma!


Hey Thelma!

 Thanks for taking your time with me! Sorry it took a while for me to make a decision, but I'm glad I allowed you to do your thing. I LOVE my hair!! My boyfriend loves it too!

See you soon.......



IF you are looking for flawless hair I suggest Thelma. She’s professional, and a perfectionist to a fault, and with that combination you can be assured you will be beyond satisfied. Not only does she have a unique talent in the art of weaving, she’s also an impeccable stylist. Her passion and drive still amazes me. The quality of her products and services are world class.

 I’ve been a client for over a year, and wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. Thelma, you are the best weave stylist, hands down!!!!!!!!!!

Side Note: Please be prepared for an influx of compliments about your hair after going to Thelma… K.Jefferson


Hey Thelma! I just want to tell you that you're the best ever! I already told you after performing your miracle on me, but I want other people to know how awesome you are!! You rock when it comes to weave!


Thelma is Dope! Straight up the best hair stylist that I have ever encountered. She is SWEET, PUNCTUAL, and PROFESSIONAL.

 Getting your hair done in DC, MD, VA is traumatic. Half the time salons in the area overbook and leave you sitting under the hair dryer for 3 hours or they just totally work out their frustration on your head and completely jack you up and leave you looking like a HOT MESS. 

Not only can she weave hair, but SHE CAN STYLE HAIR. I've realized that a lot of people can braid hair but cannot style it.

Ladies if you are sick of the B.S. put her on speed dial!!!


Greetings, I'd like to congratulate you on such a wonderful site! I must say that I am biased, as you definitely deserve the title of "Weave Expert". Your work is amazing and I always leave satisfied and well-informed. Not only am I a client, but most certainly a friend!


Thanks Thelma for taking your time with me on Saturday!

 I really, really love my hair! Guys I'm not kidding, she's the best ever!! She has a problem with perfection but I love that about her because I'm a diva when it comes to my hair. I use to fly back to Atlanta to get my hair done by my old stylist, not any more!

God bless your wonderful fingers, see you in couple of months....


My hat is off to you for your work, Thelma! You were very professional, creative and have an impeccable eye towards styling and weaving. I can't stay out of the mirror and am just in awe of your artistry, talent and compassion. Thank you so very much! You are a gem!


Hi Thelma! You truly are an artist in the purest form...God has given u such a gift. And I am sooooo lucky to be one of your humble palettes to create such art!!! Miss u bunches, I hope today is less busy 4 u. :=) I LOVE MY HAIR! Love you girl!!


All of you who have been blessed to have Thelma as your stylist already know how magnificent her work is and how she is the best stylist and Weave Specialist in the entire DC, Maryland and Virginia area. 

  Thelma made my graduation very special by styling my hair and making me the DIVA I knew was still alive and well on the inside even if it was not showing on the outside. 

Thanks to Thelma and ONYC® Indian Virgin hair, I feel like a TRUE DIVA once again!!!  Thanks Thelma you have gained a client for life and I absolutely LOVE THIS HAIR!!!  ONYC® Get it and you will too!!!


Thanks Lady T, aka: BEST Weave Specialist in DC, Maryland, Virginia, USA… wait a minute, worldwide or should I say EVER Made!!

Girl you rock, may God continue to bless your poor fingers especially now that I’m one of you super satisfied clients for life:)




I have had three weave experiences which were horrible. I always wanted the flexibility of different styles and was in an urgent search to find the best hair stylist who specializes in weaves. 

What I have found in Thelma far exceeds the title of a hair stylist. She is an ARTIST who has an AWESOME brand of hair, ONYC® Hair. The hair is beautiful, natural and I have so many people asking me when did I straighten my hair.

Little do they know (and I only tell a select FEW) it’s the brand of hair, coupled with Thelma trademarked technique of adding extensions.

The rating system should be a 10 and even then it would not justify ONYC® Hair and Telma's technique.

Thelma, it’s a blessing to be one of your clients!  It was not surprising to see you fully booked all the time, I saw that coming the first time you did my hair.  If you have the honor to sit on her chair, Trust me you WILL NOT be disappointed.

From a more than satisfied client,



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